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Daily Schedule

Classroom Library Days:

Each week students in first grade through fourth grade will be able to check out books from the library to bring home. Kindergarten students will check out a book to leave in their classroom. Students are allowed to keep checked out books for two weeks. They are encouraged to renew their books if they would like to keep them longer than two weeks. Please encourage your students to take special care of their books and bring them back in a timely manner. If books are damaged or lost, they will be unable to check out another until the missing or damaged book is paid for. 


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1:20-2:05 1st - Barkley K – White 2nd – May 2nd – Lee 1st – Duncan
2:10-2:55 3rd – Turner K – Freeman 4th – Corter 4th – Boyd 3rd – Thompson


Tips for Taking Care of Library Books:

*Create a special place in your home to keep library books. Pick a place for your child to place his or her books away from toddlers or family pets. 

*Keep food and drinks away from library books! Sticky fingers and spills can make pages dirty and cause permanent damage. 

*Use a bookmark to keep your place. Don’t fold the corner to mark your place. 

*Encourage your child to bring books back on time. It is fun to get new books!


Tips for Reading to Your Child:

*Have books at home, take your child to the library, read books, newspapers, and magazines, and share snippets of information which may appeal to your child. 

*Make reading a natural part of the day’s activities. If your child sees you reading, they will be encouraged to read as well. Reading together is the very best way to raise a reader!

*Have your child tell you their favorite part of the book and why, something about the characters, or somthing new he/she learned. 

*Share rhymes and songs! Rhymes help your child understand that words have different parts and rhythms. Songs add joy to the understanding of sounds and words. 

*If your child likes an author, read several books by that author!

*Sit next to your child so you can share the illustrations in a picture book. Take time to discuss the pictures. 



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